Hello there, I'm Josh.

I'm a visual designer and illustrator based in Vancouver, British Columbia with over two years of experience in communications tactics, digital media creation (illustration, web design, visual design, photography), and user research.

Currently open for freelance work.


Featuring Hazy the beloved mini flamingo, this illustration is very much about fantasy, bold colors, and that out-of-body experience we all sometimes have when making tough decisions.


Wondering what the world is going to look like at 2121 with all the climate issues happening is terrifying. Will plastic bags finally lose more followers?

My hot take on creating illustrations of animals (like this chicken) by simply combining shapes together cohesively. 


Reading 'Homo Deus' by Noah Yuval Harari has really got me thinking about whether the current human race will one day be preserved in museums for the future humanoid race to marvel at.

Pluglert was an app that I was previously working on that could tell you how many working outlets there were in each cafe. The app didn't pan out and this graphic serves as a cool remnant of it.

Berry Romance

A series of warm comics for feeling all fuzzy inside.

day 2 copy 2

They're calling for something, but what is that something? Are they addressing climate change? Are they speaking against queer discrimination? 

Some illustration work I did for a paid contract with my local community bike kitchen for Pride Weekend.


A series of horoscopes in the form of Hazy the mini flamingo! I'm going to update this as I finish more of the horoscope visuals. To be continued.